Extract All Contacts from Whatsapp

(Chrome Extension - Can use on Windows or Mac computer)

WhatsApp Contacts Extractor is a chrome extension that allows you in a single click to download all numbers include name (if available) from your WhatsApp accounts and save it in an excel sheet (.csv). With this extension, you save a lot of your time, don't miss any numbers from your potential customers and increase your sales now! ;)

1- Save Numbers from Chat list
2- Save Numbers from Contact list
3- Save Numbers from Group list
4- Save Number from Broadcast list
5- Save Number from Archived list
6- Save Number from Label list
7- Save Number from Keyword list


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LEGAL NOTICE: WhatsApp™ are registered trademarks of respective companies in the U.S. and other countries. This extension does NOT belong or relate to the official WhatsApp app. This add-on is an independent product provided by us and has no relationship to any of those companies. It is an unofficial extension that is developed and maintained independently with the sole purpose of making these services easier to be accessed.